Basic Terms and Conditions for File-Level Online Backup

What am I entitled to with Online Backup?

  • File-Level Backup of one device to our secure cloud backup service
  • Unlimited storage of backup data for one computer
  • Unlimited versions of files

What is not covered by Online Backup?

  • “Snapshot” Backups – we can only back up files, not your computer configuration or application data
  • We are unable to take backup snapshots of your computer
  • We cannot backup SQL Databases, PST Files, Open Files or application data

What do I do if I need snapshot backups of my computer, or need to back up open files?

We have an online backup product called BDR Online Backup which supports both of these features. Please ask us for more information.

How long is my data held for?

Your computer is checked for changes every 15 minutes, and these changes are backed up. Data is held indefinitely, unless otherwise set.

How long will it take for my data to be backed up?

Put simply, this relies on the speed of your internet connection.

The faster your internet upload speed, the faster your backup will take.

Even with modern internet connections, more priority is given to download speeds than upload speeds, and it is the upload speed that is important for Online Backup. For example, the maximum speed of Fibre Broadband (VDSL) is 20Mbps even though the download speed is 80Mbps.

We can advise you whether your internet connection will be fast enough to back up your data and how long it may take for the backup to complete. We can also show you how to check the status of your backup

How can I check the progress of my backup and control what is being backed up?

We will install our Online Backup Software on your computer which will monitor folders on your computer and back up any changes.

By default, our Online Backup will back up your home folder or user folder only. Additional folders can be specified and it is possible to exclude certain folders or file types.

We can show you how to check what is being backed up and the progress of the current backup.

What guarantees do you give in regards to guaranteeing my data is backed up?

We provide a “best effort” service to monitoring the progress of your backups – we do not guarantee we have checked the status of your backup. If you require this, please contact us about our BDR product.

We provide backup software and the online storage to back up your data, however, we cannot guarantee the safety of your data and it is your responsibility to check that the backup is running and the correct files and folders are selected for backup.

We do periodically check your backups have run correctly and that there isn’t a problem affecting you. However, this is not backed by a guarantee as this is reserved for our BDR product.

Where is my data stored and what software do you use?

We purchase a license for CrashPlan Pro E for each device that is to be backed up.

We use Code42 CrashPlan Software to back up your computer and back up to their servers. Your data is backed up to Code42’s Servers, which are located in Dublin, Ireland.

Minimum Requirements
Your computer must meet the following requirements in order to run the Online Backup Software.

1GHz dual-core CPU
1Gb memory (1Gb per every 1Tb of data) 450Mb free drive space
Windows 7
Windows 8.1
Windows 10

1Ghz CPU
1Gb memory (1Gb per every 1Tb of data) 450Mb free drive space
Mac OS 10.11, 10.12, 10.13

You must have a high-speed Broadband internet connection with at least 1Mbps upload speed.

What are the Contract Terms?

Our Online Backup is a monthly service, and you must give 30 days notice when cancelling the service.

We do not tie you into a long term contract.

You must notify us if you do not wish to continue with the service, even if you have not used it. You are liable for the cost of the service until you notify us you wish to cancel it, at which point you are bound by the cancellation period.

We will not be held financially liable for any loss of earnings, loss of businesses, loss of potential business, personal loss or any other impact to yourself of your business as a result of failure of the service or failure to provide the service.

How long will you keep my data for?

We will keep your data for as long as you continue to pay for the service.

If you fail to pay or settle your account balance for any reason, we will delete your data at the end of the current billing period or after 30 days, whichever is sooner.

How do I cancel my Service?

Please notify us in writing by either eMail or Letter to our Accounts Department:


Postal Address:
Accounts Department
50 Acre End Street
OX29 4PD
United Kingdom