Oxford Mac Solutions has over 100 years of combined technical expertise with IT products. We see Apple hardware as being innovative, ground-breaking and user friendly technology that is the market leader in design, speed and efficiency. Quality products such as these require equally high levels of care and attention to ensure they constantly operate as smoothly as possible. With a client base of over 8,500 individuals and businesses, we have experience with a wide range of hardware and software for Mac as well as other PC brands. Our engineers have a variety of options for you to choose from, to support you and your Apple computer.

Healthchecks & Servicing

Complex IT equipment requires attention at regular 6 or 12 month intervals to ensure it is running at peak performance. If your machine is used heavily, it may require a healthcheck to fix any underlying problems or glitches. We can diagnose and fix issues with both hardware and software, examining critical components for wear and tear and running diagnostic software to examine for file fragmentation and corruption, or disk directory problems. We can also perform minor updates to the operating system and programs, or install patches and bug fixes for common problems. Arrange to drop off your Mac for a healthcheck by contacting our Service Department.


If your computer is running slowly or you have increasing requirements from it, then you may wish to have it upgraded. This ensures that you are up-to-date with the latest technologies and are able to install and run the latest software packages. From RAM upgrades for extra memory, to hard disk upgrades for extra storage, there are many possibilities. Your machine may have the capability to have extra USB or FireWire ports added to give you the flexibility to have more peripherals. Alternatively you may wish to upgrade the operating system or a program to the latest version, in order to take advantage of a new accessory. Whatever your requirements, contact our Service Department to discuss an upgrade and give your Mac a new lease of life into your Mac.

On-Site & In-House Repairs

Apple hardware and software is built to a higher specification than that of its competitors, and as such it often outlasts traditional PC equipment by many years. All computers do require attention from time to time however, and we are able to assess these problems in our workshop. Alternatively, we may be able to call-out to your home or business, if you require. Our client base stretches far beyond to surrounding counties as well as central London. This means that on average, we handle over 100 repairs per month. We pride ourselves on our fast repair turnaround and efficient service. Please talk to a member of the Service Department if you require our assistance.