Basic Terms and Conditions for ESET Anti Virus

What does ESET Anti Virus do?

ESET Anti Virus protects your computer or device against infection from Viruses and Malware

How do we manage your ESET Anti Virus?

  • We install a Remote Monitoring Agent on your computer which allows the ESET Software to report into our ESET Remote Administrator Server
  • We use the ESET Remote Administrator Server to activate your ESET Anti Virus with a license and to ensure it remains licensed

What are my responsibilities and what do I need to know?

  • We do not monitor for infections on your computer or proactively monitor your computer – we rely on the software’s inbuilt automatically scanning and remediation
  • You are responsible for running manual Anti Virus scans and for updating your ESET Anti Virus
  • If your ESET is out of date or no longer activated, it is your responsibility to contact us and notify us of this and we will reactivate it for you
  • You must respond to any notifications generated from the software that require user intervention
  • We will continue to bill you for ESET Anti Virus as we have purchased a license for you – you must notify us if you no longer want the service or we will continue to bill you and you are liable for any cost for the license

What are the Contract Terms?

ESET Anti Virus is provided on a rolling monthly contract that can be cancelled with 30 days notice.

You must notify us if you do not wish to continue with the service, even if you have not used it. You are liable for the cost of the service until you notify us you wish to cancel it, at which point you are bound by the cancellation period.

We do not tie our clients into long-term contracts, as we feel if you are not happy with the service then we’re not providing the level of support we should be.

We will not be held financially liable for any loss of earnings, loss of businesses, loss of potential business, personal loss or any other impact to yourself of your business as a result of failure of the service or failure to provide the service.

How do I cancel my Service?

Please notify us in writing by either eMail or Letter to our Accounts Department:


Postal Address:
Accounts Department
50 Acre End Street
OX29 4PD
United Kingdom