4 Ways To Raise A Ticket

We try to make it easy to raise a ticket, so we have 4 different ways. Since most people only know one or two, we thought we'd list them here.


Most of the time the tickets are raised automatically by your backups, server or other systems. In this case we take care of it for you and if you don't need to take any action we just close the ticket behind the scenes.


Click Account Login at the top of this site and use your email address and password to access your tickets. If you can't remember your password there is a password reset option right there too. Once logged in you can view your tickets, invoices, agreements etc.


Probably the easiest way to raise a ticket is via email. Just email us and a ticket will be raised in your name and your account manager will be alerted. As ever, we'll look into it and get back to you ASAP.


If you have an emergency, or just don't have the time to raise a ticket (or if your internet is down!) you can always call us. 01865 882504 is all you need remember.