What Do We Use To Make Life Easier?

Everyone does things slightly differently, and we all want to make work a little easier. Here are some of our favourite little apps to help just a little every day.

Caffeine - Stop your Mac sleeping

A free app that couldn't get any more simple. Once installed there is a coffee cup in your menu bar near the clock. If it's steaming your Mac won't sleep. If it's empty it will sleep as normal. Click once to change modes, once to change back—it's that simple. Great if you want us to remotely fix something while you're at lunch. Download it here.

TextExpander - Type common things quicker

TextExpander is a very cheap monthly service which allows you to instantly insert common snippets of text for emails, boilerplates, form fills and anything else you use text for using a quick search or abbreviation. Get it here.

We use it for our signatures for example. I type ;sig and it expands to:

Many thanks

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DinoPass - Easy password generator

When you want a secure password, but you can't think of one, this is the place to look. It's simple, doesn't use any offensive words and the kids will love it too. Check out DinoPass here, it's free!