iPad Pro - Security

Encrypted, managed with MDM Enterprise Security Certificates, and passwords protected with FaceID; the iPad is business secure

When I told the guys here at OMSUK that I’d ordered an iPad Pro to replace my work laptop they had some concerns, mostly around security. However it’s far less of an issue on iPad than a traditional computer.

The first great thing about all modern iPads is that they’re all encrypted. It’s not really an option, it’s just on when you setup a passcode, TouchID or FaceID and one less thing to remember to do when you get the device from new. This means that if it’s stolen then our confidential information (and yours) is safe.

Of course it’s only as safe as the passcode which can be 4 numbers, 6 numbers or a full password. A secure password would be annoying to type every time but with FaceID all I have to do is to look at the iPad and it’s unlocked & ready to use. Fast, secure and convenient.

FaceID goes further though. I use iCloud Keychain for my personal passwords and information and that is also unlocked with FaceID. So if I want to login to my iCloud, Gmail or even bank account, all I have to do is look at the iPad.

To keep customer data separate and accessible to the rest of the team we use LastPass. This lets us store logins for customers systems, computers, email and much more and share that information with the appropriate people within OMSUK. The great thing about that is that it also uses FaceID, so I can go to your secure website, look at the iPad and it logs me in which is super convenient.

The iPad can also be managed with our MDM solution. This uses Enterprise Security Certificates to manage security settings on the iPad, allow it on our corporate WiFi and even lock or wipe the iPad in the event it was lost or stolen.

All this is possible on the Mac, but with FaceID on the iPad Pro it’s even more convenient to the point that it’s almost invisible to the user.