Spotting Scam Emails

We all remember the “I am a Nigerian Prince” scam emails from a decade ago which has become a pop-culture reference for scam emails.

These days, people are putting a lot more effort into trying to trick you into giving over your personal information and/or payment details. Some copy a genuine email that a company uses, including logos, then tweak it to help them get the details they need. They are often forceful and try and use scare tactics to make you fall for the scam.

Below is an email I received back in March claiming to be from Apple:


Here are some things to look for that can help you decide if this is a genuine email or a fake.

Full Contact Email

If you click on the downward arrow as you hover over the sender name you can view the actual email address that sent it.


This is not an Apple address, so this just screams scam to me.

Multiple Recipients

If there is ever a problem with your account, why do 479 other people need to be receiving this email about your account?


Use of Language

Very often, scam emails have poor spelling and grammar. In the example email “You must be verified it an be used to recover your account.” has clearly not been proof read before sending.

They are often very forceful. Saying things will be deleted or removed permanently. This is a scare tactic to try and make you go along with their scam straight away.

If in Doubt

If you are unsure if it is a genuine email or not, close the email and visit the company website and contact them by the details they provide in their Contact page. That way you can be sure you are speaking to the real company and they can tell you if there is genuinely an issues with your account.

Anti-Spam/Anti-Scam Solutions

There are anti-spam services available to help stop these types of emails reaching your inbox in the first place such as Reflexion. This can help reduce the amount of junk and scam emails you receive.

If you would like to know more about products and services that could reduce your spam/scam email that lands in your inbox, please give us a call. One of our team would be happy to discus ways of helping you.